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New Horizons Baking Company
211 Woodlawn Ave.
Norwalk, OH 44857


Jimmy Walker
Director of Sales, Genesis
Direct: 440-999-0999


Joshua Bediako
Sales Executive, Genesis
Direct: 440-506-1047


Matt Bowers
Director of Business Development, Genesis
Direct: 517-617-9238


Bryan Frinfrock
Business Development Manager, Coalescence NHB

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NHB Headquarters:
Norwalk, OH
211 Woodlawn Avenue
Norwalk, OH 44857

Toledo, OH
1015 New York Ave
Toledo, OH 43611

Fremont, IN
700 Water St
Fremont, IN 46737

Coalescence NHB
Columbus, OH
3455 Millennium Court
Columbus, OH 43219

The Fundamentals of Family

New Horizons Baking Company is part of the NHB Family, a leader in serving the food industry with cutting-edge R&D, quality products, and dependable logistics.

Baker for many of North America’s most iconic brands.

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Innovative seasoning blends, flavors, ingredients and packaging.

Trina Bediako New Horizons Baking

The responsibilities that come with producing ready-to-eat products include high and uncompromising standards. You can rely on New Horizons to always meet those standards and to be your trusted baking partner.

– Trina Bediako, CEO