Our Customers Come First and Our Legacy Follows

To ensure our customers comes first, we focus on the following:
Welcome From Our CEO
Hello and welcome to New Horizons Baking Co. My name is Tilmon F. (Tim) Brown and I am the CEO and owner of our company. New Horizons has been manufacturing soft sandwich buns and English muffins for some of the finest customers in the USA since 1967. Historically, our focus has been in QSR and Food Service disciplines, but we are establishing positions in additional areas of the baking industry as well.

Our vision is to be the premier baker in the world, delivering undeniable quality service, products and profitability. We produce the highest quality baked goods that are responsibly sourced; food that our customers want and feel good about eating regularly. We provide growth opportunities for our employees, which enable development and personal value in the workplace. We are a good neighbor and give back to the communities in which we do business while protecting our environment for the future.

Our customer list consists of some of the finest organizations in the quick service restaurant and food service industry. We have built our business on trust and the commitment that we would never do anything to compromise our customer’s brand or our own. I have over 48 years of experience in the baking industry, and I still believe that the key to our success lies in keeping our customers’ interests first. “When the customer calls, drop everything!” We don’t just say it, we mean it!

I encourage you to look through our website. You will not find better service or better quality products anywhere else. We want to supply your bakery needs. Thanks for taking the time to visit us.