Our Customers Come First and Our Legacy Follows

To ensure our customers comes first, we focus on the following:
Production Facilities
At New Horizons we are proud of our state of the art facilities. However, we are constantly looking for new technologies in order to take our facilities to the next level.

Our locations in Fremont and Norwalk use only the best ingredients, such as superior blends of flour, yeast and pure vegetable shortening, to make our high quality products. We start at the beginning of the process and monitor progress until the end product is produced.

Our facilities have over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space and are equipped with a 14,000 square feet, multi-level freezer with multiple state-of-the-art blast freezing units. Our muffin lines and high speed bun lines have the ability to produce in excess of 160 million dozens of buns, soft rolls, and English muffins per year. We have plans to expand our facilities and machinery in order to accommodate additional capacity and further diversify our product lines. The quality of our production facilities, coupled with our highly trained and experienced workforce, we are able to consistently meet the growing demands of the marketplace.

Through our transportation company, Metraco, we are able to coordinate and deliver our quality products from our facilities to our customers locally and nationwide. Our transportation company has employed state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring devices to help our drivers meet and exceed industry standards for delivery efficiencies. Metraco's expansive fleet, trained drivers and logistics partners allow us meet the complex deliver needs of our expanding customer base.